About Us
CBG Group is an integrated insurance risk management consultancy firm. CBG is an integrated insurance risk management consultancy firm which provide insurance risk management solutions and financial products advisory to individual & corporation.

CBG Group is a leading licensed Insurance Risk Management services provider. We provide reliable services for individual and company, and with our Risk Management services, you can;
  • Arrange for surveys to identify and recommend findings for loss prevention
  • Develop Business Continuity Plans designed to help you stay afloat in any eventualities
  • Assess fire protection and security systems to maximize saving on your premiums.
  • Develop maintenance programmes for fire and security systems.
  • Develop a risk management system and procedures such as emergency evacuation as well as fire and security system.

At CBG Group, our professionals are experienced in the risk management sector. We had plenty of professional solutions for all your risk needs. Whenever you are looking a insurance risk management solution, mortgage loan or estate planning, our team of experts is hereby to assist you.

This is provided to you at no cost!!

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